Conflicts – at least they like to hear the word. What is your association when you think of conflicts? How do you feel about change? What basic feeling do you perceive in yourself? Is it positive or negative?

Conflict Coaching

There are situations in which there is no possibility to talk to the other side or to solve the conflict with the help of a neutral person.
The consequences: The dispute solidifies, the rift becomes wider and the next stage of escalation is reached.

I offer conflict coaching for people who want to get out of a muddled situation. Examples:

Conflict coaching can help you:

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Coaching in Change

Changes in the personal environment trigger many things. This also includes the management of a possible crisis or personal change. Classically, we know crises during private separations or when the children move out, some of us also experience the so-called midlife crisis.
The causes of personal change and crises in life are manifold. In addition, they are experienced differently. Every situation is individual.

In relation to the working environment can be possible topics:

Coaching in a time of change will help you

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