Conflict Training
and Counselling

When conflicts are ignored and tensions are endured, sometimes not only the mood suffers but also the work result. Unresolved conflicts often lead to emotional withdrawal such as an inner resignation or to resistance and rebellion.

Conflict Training

A mindful handling of conflicts is therefore the success factor and promotes a healthy communication and conflict culture.
I will help you in a conflict training how to deal with conflicts in a professional way and how to lead a conflict discussion in a solution-oriented way.

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Conflict Counseling

With a consultation, a conflict management system can be introduced. The aim is to identify conflicts at an early stage, to reduce costs due to high sickness absence and dismissals, to record and process unclear roles and secret games in a structured way and to offer the affected persons a first contact person depending on the situation and trust.

When is a Conflict Consulting useful?
For restructuring or reorganization. Not because there were no conflicts before, but because they are now more apparent due to the fear of loss of power and competence.

The success lies in the fact that you can permanently develop a culture of dispute that paves the way for a healthy culture of error.

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